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Re: Do we need traditional broadcast marketing anymore?

Nov 21 2009

Source: Business Advice from Thomas Power

Herewith my answer to the nice question of Thomas Power on Ecademy. See the original posting on ecademy.com here. Thomas is the owner of Ecademy and an expert on social media.


The golden rule will stay permanent

by Sibren van der Burgt on 20-Nov-09 9:59pm

I think nobody knows, I think that's why your question is challenging.

When I think about marketing (as a designer), I look at the reason why Marketing is invented and how it evolved.

Here some thoughts and scenario:

Marketing is an opportunity to be more successful in a commercial market. The invention a few decades back gave many jobs to quite some creative people. And that's a very important point: creativity.

Succesfull entrepreneurs embrace creative thinking: an attitude to explore new possibilities. At first conversation via blogs is innovative and profitable. But you have to be disitctive. Innovative companies (early adaptors) know their uniqueness and will be visible. But the "mainstream" have more difficulties to show there values.

Since the Marketing-environment has much creativity "onboard", they will reïnvent a new role to serve the general needs: helping with distinction and speeding-up the dialogue.

So the services of marketing will be completely diferent.

I think the current golden rule wil stay permanent: The more clutter and lack of distinction, the more you have to compensate with marketing...

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