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Paradigm Paralysis

Oct 13 2009

Here is the text of Bob Nicole van "Remember the Ice"


Do you have paradigm paralysis?

Thank you to Allen N. from Phoenix for this week's Ice Chip inspiration.  He accessed Wikipedia while looking for a definition of:  Paradigm; and found this:

Paradigm Paralysis

Perhaps the greatest barrier to a paradigm shift, in some cases, is the reality of paradigm paralysis: the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking. This is similar to what Psychologists term Confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias (or myside bias) is an irrational tendency to search for, interpret or remember information in a way that confirms preconceptions or working hypotheses. It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. These biases in information processing are distinguished from the behavioral confirmation effect (also called self-fulfilling prophecy), in which people's expectations influence their own behavior.

When we are wrapped up in knots, our ability to see the empowering alternatives is hampered by the tightness of the "knot".  As we begin to unravel them and see how we can articulate with more clarity, the outcomes align with our desired outcomes.

Embracing the concept that "there is power in the clarity of your articulation" helps you to attract more of what you want.  Be willing to use your empowering alternatives in place of the "(k)notty words" and enjoy your paradigm shifts.

Keep your focus on your goals. That's where the action is.

Enjoy your week,


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