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Convincing websites

The website is the number 1 tool to show what makes you different from others. Every customer, including your A-customer, uses your website to find 'proofs' of reliability and craftsmanship before they start a conversation or purchase.

We have been designing, designing and implementing complete custom-made websites for over 10 years, from proposition development, text and image to technical delivery. Everything perfectly matched to optimally match the added value for the customer.

A new website?

If you want a safe website with marketing and design, check out your webdev agency and see how we create a new website and what the benefits of the CraftCMS are.

We have a special web team with a designer, a front tender and a backender. We use CraftCMS, the super user-friendly and technically top-notch and super-safe system.

The most common pitfalls you have to be beware of

Below are the top 5 items that you must be first to ensure that visitors do not drop out immediately.
Surf to your site as it is now, look through the eyes of your A-customer.

Are you able to answer the questions below directly?

  1. What is this?
  2. What do they have here?
  3. What makes it different from others?
  4. What can I do here?
  5. Where should I click?

If you cannot answer one of the 5 questions directly, you lose visitors every day, they drop out quickly.

The visitor also asks himself the following questions about your organization:

  • Is this a reliable company?
  • What are the experiences of customers?
  • What important things are kept behind?

Everyone makes decisions based on benefits and risks. If you want to convince customers or partners, you must also address the uncertainties and doubts. Give customers information that they can use to quickly assess the risks, make it 'negotiable'. So make sure that your reputation is easily traced, for example through the Business Analyst, recognized institutes or Social Media. Make it easy for potential customers to choose quickly.

Is the website of your organization effective?

An effective website does what it has to do. What should the website do for your organization? And what is he doing right now? Sometimes websites are not made to really do anything. You may recognize one of the following websites:

  • The added value is not clear - customers quickly pass a store with an empty shop window
  • It is a glorified brochure - if a customer wants a brochure, he will request one
  • It's a calling card - nice for the card holder, but all contacts are already on LinkedIn
  • There are no recent messages - the customer does not know if you are a respected organization
  • Everything is on it - the customer experiences your organization as 'messy' and does not feel taken seriously

Is there one of the following questions in your organization?

  • We want a modern website that communicates our added value
  • We want a maintenance-friendly site (content-first instead of technology-first)
  • We also want to attract customers online
  • We want a really safe compliant site without hassle
  • We want our online branding to be in order
  • We want our own design, not a standard package

Then we can certainly help you to continue the strategy through your website. And take out all the possibilities that are in it.

What does collaboration provide?

  • Full integration of your belief strategy
  • A modern Design by a seasoned Corporate Designer with 15 years of experience
  • High-level technology by our own Front-end programmer and the back-end programmer
  • Attractiveness to the products and the Brand, both in image and in text
  • Have the expertise of an online team, such as programmer, copywriter, SEO specialist, and other specialists
  • A website that is completely set up to reach the online goal
  • Smooth cooperation between our team and your organization

Look at Cases or client list for examples.

Celebrate your distinctive character and show the persuasion strategy with visual design

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