Level up your brand - add extra convincing power

to gain deeper trust from customers, investors and stakeholders

CB Brand DNA

Standing out from the core

An evolved Brand DNA makes you memorable

While this culture may exist, it often remains implicit, insufficiently recognized or acknowledged, and underutilized in distinguishing yourself to attract the best talent and cultivate the best (new) employees.

It's tempting to neglect the corporate DNA. After all, your customers aren't likely to leave in the short term, and your revenue will likely remain steady.

Yet, by doing so, you forfeit the opportunity to enhance the credibility of your proposition and bolster your distinctiveness. This includes building trust, reinforcing the credibility of your promises, and continuously engaging both your employees and customers.

The fundamental components of DNA include:

  • Core principles
  • Core values
  • The SMaC Recipe
  • BHaG, Purpose and the ‘Why’

Core principles, the backbone of your culture

Guide the customer experience with core principles, ensuring they perceive a more positive experience and clear value-add with every interaction with your organization.

The distinctive qualities of your culture foster enthusiasm and inspiration among customers, leading them to feel emotionally invested and valued.

By effectively implementing core principles, you reinforce the culture and highlight what makes the organization unique. These principles are inherently present within your company and readily discoverable by all. Actively refine them and translate them into benefits for your customers and stakeholders.

Why core values

The most important function of core values ​​is to explicitly state what you stand for and strengthen that in the organization. It is a pillar of the company culture.

Core values ​​are not made, you have them. Keep them alive by naming and showing the fulfillment daily. Both with employees and customers. Therefore, it is important to keep the description of core values realistic; it's not just marketing talk.


SMaC stands for Specific, Methodical, and Consistent. The success formula is indispensable in an uncertain, changing environment. Execute the SMaC with fanatic discipline.

The SMaC recipe is concrete and unambiguous; it helps to achieve alignment throughout the entire organization, a clear guideline of what to do and especially what not to do.

Core story

Your narrative serves as a conduit for disseminating your ideals among your staff and customers.

Through your narrative, the rationale behind your actions becomes clearer, resonating with your customers and employees on an emotional and aspirational level.

Remove barriers for the customer

Level up to a convincing brand by: