Level up your brand - add extra convincing power

to gain deeper trust from customers, investors and stakeholders

Brand DNA course

A consistent brand based on your DNA and customer experience

Determine or refresh your DNA

Practical method with which you communicate what your brand stands for and is seen as reliable by all stakeholders. Brand inspires your most important customers (and investors).
Years of experience packed into a 3-month refresher program called 'Convince Faster!'.

What do we do

Determine or sharpen:

  • which customer (question) fits your solution
  • the proposition
  • how you can market your product
  • the ideal way of approaching customers
  • pillars of your identity
  • how you translate your proposition into a customer offering

What do I get

  • Program of 3 months
  • 5+ short intensive bi-weekly knowledge sessions
  • Workshops in which we apply the theory to your practice
  • Logical structure
  • Combination of strategy, creative thinking and practical implementation
  • Supervision by a marketer / designer with 17 years of experience

Interaction in practice

  • During the knowledge sessions, your situation is immediately filled in practically
  • Quickly concretely how you can use the knowledge with your existing customers
  • Bridging the latest theory and your practice
  • You get started with issues that are currently on the table
  • Continuous feedback


  • You do the right things in the right order
  • Strategy on one A4
  • After the program you can continue to be responsible for a few years

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Level up to a convincing brand by: