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Are you tuned?

Apr 08 2011

Personal business development

Are you tuned?

A network acting like an orchestra

The reason I am online is to (re)connect with real life network business friends. Looking for the combination of online and offline networking.

We started, in coöperation with Britain, with a new network and planned the first few monthly meetings, to strengthen the off-line connection. I believe in the strength of meeting people, getting to know first and stay connected. Then things do happen if you know how to recieve the signals.

Talking about the signals, reminds me of wat happened a few day ago:

I discovered that my next step was one step to far, it felt like suffocation. So I decided to split the step in smaller parts and immediatly the energy flowed again and the capability of flying was there again. I shared my discovery with a friend-conductor of my network-orchestra and he gave me the conviction doing things right again. It feels like being tuned as musician again, able to recieve the right signals of the collegues that belong with my next step and play beautifull music without forcing my muscles.

• Does your step suffocate sometimes?

• And does having your business-friend-connections help to get tuned again???


Geschreven door: Sibren van der Burgt

Sibren van der Burgt

Na een studie aan de Kunstacademie in Den Haag heeft Sibren van 1996 tot en met 2004 bij de top-ontwerpbureau's van Nederland ervaring opgedaan met corporate klanten zoals NS, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank en Visa. In 1996 had hij de eerste website al in de lucht op sibren.nl.

Met zijn digital design-minded achtergrond helpt hij sinds 2005 bedrijven in de (software) technology, financial markets en maakindustrie om hun diensten on- én offline makkelijker te kunnen vermarkten.

Het team van de ontwerpstudio ontwikkelt samen met de klant een klant-overtuigings-strategie én realiseert de praktische invulling hiervan met marketing en design.

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